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Net@Canada Referral Program

Net@Canada's referral program is a great way for you to promote Net@Canada and
earn free Internet service.

If you are an existing Net@Canada customer please take advantage of our Referral Program. Refer 10 clients to our High Speed Internet or Phone Service and your service fee's will be waived as long as you remain a
customer with Net@Canada Inc.

Each referral equals one free month of Internet service. Once you reach ten referrals you are then eligible to receive free Internet service as long you remain a customer of Net@Canada Inc. Please see conditions and
requirements below.

How does it work?

Your friend or associate can sign up for our High speed service by filling out the order form on the Net@Canada site or by phone.

Upon successful completion of the registration process all you have to do is email billing@acanac.com and provide the name of the person you have referred, along with their phone number and contact information. Once you
reach 10 referral you will no longer be charged for your High Speed DSL service, as long as you stay with Acanac.

Customer Requirement

1.You must be a current Net@Canada.ca customer.
2.Referrals must be for new customers.
3.All accounts MUST be in good standing.
4.The account which is being referred must pass their first 30 days of
service before the referral credit can be applied.
5.The existing account of the current client must be subscribed to the same
type of service as the new client/account which is being referred. For
example, Residential DSL Internet clients can only receive referral
credits for new accounts which are subscribed to the same package. For
clients which are currently subscribed to the DSL Internet service but are
interested in switching to Cable Internet Service, the referrals from your
DSL Internet account can still be utilized. You can use your existing
referrals which were obtained while on the DSL plan to credit towards the
price of the Cable Internet service. You would just need to pay the Cable
Activation Fee, Cable Modem Fee if you require a modem from Net@Canada + the
difference in rates between the DSL Internet package and the Cable
Internet Package which you choose.
This offer has no cash value.
6.Do voip referrals count towards DSL and vice versa? No, they only count for each specific service.

    • Service is available where technology permits and is subject to minimum requirements. In order to verify what service is available at your location, please click here and fill in your information. One of our associate will contact you shortly.
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